February 10, 2016

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Here at Trading With Price Action we are different than most, we make things simple and very easy to understand for a beginner trader. We try to provide easy to understand and simple lessons on price action trading. So take a look around our website and begin your path to being a successful trader.

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How to Calculate the Correct Position Size for Each Trade

I have gotten a lot of questions asking about position sizes and how to calculate them for each trade. So in this article I will cover how to calculate the correct position size for each trade that you enter. Getting the right position size is very important and is not something that you want to […]

EUR/JPY Trade Close

Monthly Trading Report – December 2013

I know that you have all been waiting for this trading report from December and I am sorry that I am getting it to you all so late. I have been swamped with work for the site and writing this report was put on the back burner, I have finally got around to writing it. […]


TWPA 1K Challenge: The Journey Begins!

January 1st has finally arrive and the TWPA 1K Challenge has officially begun! I am so excited and I can’t wait to make my first trade and get this challenge started. This is going to be a long journey but it will also be a very good learning experience for everyone including myself. The first […]


TWPA 1K Challenge – Introduction

I am happy to announce the TWPA 1K Challenge, this is going to be a journey where I will start with only $1,000 in a trading account and my goal is to turn that into $10,000. You will be able to follow along as I take trades and see my progress as time goes on. I […]

AUD/NZD Trade Closed

Monthly Trading Report – November 2013

Another month has passed and it is time for another monthly trading report! Writing these monthly reports is one of my favorite things to do as it greatly helps me as a trader and I know that you all like reading them. These monthly reports give me a way to reflect on the previous month […]


CLOSED – Trade: AUD/NZD 1H Bearish Pin Bar – 11/28/13

I have been watching this currency pair very closely the last couple weeks waiting for a pullback and trade setup to form. The opportunity has finally arrived on the 1H chart where a bearish pin bar has formed rejecting a VERY strong resistance zone. You will on the chart below just how strong this resistance […]

8 Ways to get Through a Trading Slump

8 Ways to Get Through a Trading Slump

If you are a trader then you will at some point go through a trading slump in your trading career. There is no way around this fact, at some point you will have a time along your trading journey where you will not be able to win a trade to save your life. It is […]

NZD/JPY Trade Closed

Monthly Trading Report – October 2013

This is my first ever monthly report and I am very excited to be bringing this to all of you. In this report I will be going over all of my trades that I have taken in the month of October and how they did. I will also be covering my win-loss ratio, how many […]

Organized Charts

How-To Set Up Your Charts, Profiles and Templates in MetaTrader

I have received multiple emails in the past couple weeks asking how to set up their charts to look like mine and how to setup MetaTrader in general so their setup matches mine. So in this article I am going to be providing a step by step guide to setting up MetaTrader so that your […]


The Currency Spotlight and a New YouTube Channel

Here at Trading With Price Action, there are some really cool new things that I am going to be adding to the website that I truly believe will be a great way for you guys to learn how to trade successfully. The first new thing here you may or may not of noticed is the […]

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